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When Customers Turn Up the Heat

(how to handle customer conflicts

​effectively and professionally)

8 Things you will learn from the course:
1.How to handle conflict with customers and clients and turn complaints into customer service opportunities
2.How to diffuse and deescalate customer problems and issues
3.Examples and verbiage  you need to use when you are challenged by customers
4.How to handle objections and make customers happy so they will return
5.How to quickly handle complaints of prejudice
6.The body language to use when you are being confronted by a customer
7.How to take responsibility but not give away the farm when customers complain
8.How to empower employees after customer conflict or complaints

L. Craig Tyson is an award winning, high-energy professional image designer with over 20 years of top customer service. He specializes in training employees to solid build relationships with customers and clients through amazing guest experiences. The exclusive courses provided by L. Craig Tyson offers companies, big and small a significant contribution to employee and staff efficiency, organizational growth and profitability.  



ZZ Top says it best; “Every girl is crazy bout a sharp dressed maaaaan,” I say; “The sharper you are, the better your image will be, nothing has changed!” TYSON'S TID BIT