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No one feels confident all the time, but great preparation, training and refining
are the qualities that make a professional be the top performer. Your voice should be ready for a networking event, speaking engagement at all times.

  • Keep your throat clear with a lemon slice in warm or cool water, or drink a clarifying tea.  This helps to keep phlegm out of your throat.  
  • If you have a sore throat, it is best to refrain from speaking and mentally practice instead.  But if the Show must go on (so to speak)..then...
  • Try putting a bit of honey in warm lemon water or tea to soothe the throat.  
  • Do not overuse your voice, as this just aggravates the vocal chords. Many people whisper and/or use a numbing spray on their throat.  
  • Numbing spray is not recommended since your sore throat is your body telling you something is wrong.  The numbing effect masks the problem and can lead to more serious vocal complications later.
  • Whispering just forces more air through an already infected area...again causing more harm and possibly delaying recovery.

 The way you sound is the very next thing that people will remember.  The pitch of your voice, the richness of tone, the way you communicate will translate into a lasting impression..not everyone will see you, but they will hear you!   

Great speakers and singers know the value of continuous vocal coaching. It is an art to develop your vocal instrument to its fullest potential, because it is an extension of your personality! We strive to look our best; however; sounding our best will also leave a lasting impression. Our texting and e-mailing world, has contributed to our inability in to really know how to communicate effectively. Ultimately, you will be encountering people face to face, and brushing up on your vocal skills will make you stand out from the others!

From this course you will learn how to sound your best for any vocal presentation or performance.This course is for anyone who would like to sound their best as they speak as a presenter or sing to the masses. You can have vocal confidence now as you learn the following:

  • How to Breathe Properly
  • Maintaining Proper Vocal Speed
  • How to Articulate & Enunciate as You Speak
  • How to Project Your Voice Confidently

This course is complete with exercises and practice techniques to sound your best.

Debra L Anderson is a Vocal Expert, with degrees in Music and Fine Arts from Cornerstone and Calvin College. She minors in Drama and has participated in plays and musical productions as an actor, singer, and director. In 2012, Debra became certified by Voice Coaches (in New York) as a voice actor. For over 30 years, many of her vocal students and corporate clients across the country find their Vocal Confidence Coach to be extremely witty and fun.

Debra is available for coaching and training individuals/ groups and business in vocal techniques or audio/video projects. Debra is the exclusive vocal training coach to the Networking Diva Organization with a talk radio show on the Radio for Divas Network, titled The Vocal Confidence Coach!