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About Networking Sparks

Networking Sparks courses are powerful and extensive because we understand that real networking is comprised of 3 major factors that play a role in creating strong relationships. So our courses are designed to teach you how to represent, and respond to the mental, physical and emotional aspects of networking as you brand yourself. Through our many tools and resources you will find easy to implement strategies and directives to enhance your personal style as you network.  Our courses cover the total aspect of networking including your image, mental and emotional 


We offer you the strategies and techniques that help you stand out  as a connected professional.  Networking Sparks will teach you how to spark  intelligent conversations, with the right people , where to meet new connections and how to form lasting mutually benefiting relationships. You can build a powerful network  through our comprehensive and valuable training courses. 


People see you first, then they hear you. Do you sound confident as you speak? We are here to help!

mental & Emotional

At the very thought of networking, you will find many people become fearful, and there are those that literally get sweaty palms and cold feet. A Networking Sparks course will help you build your self esteem and self awareness to take away that fear. We teach you how to focus and channel positive energy to your strengths and  build your  weaknesses. 


The first 7-11 seconds of meeting someone is crucial in networking.  This is the time frame you have to present yourself in the best light possible. Networking Sparks helps you present your best. 


  • Vocal Confidence as You Speak
  • Personal Branding & Image Design
  • Techniques For Effective Networking
  • Building Networking Alliances
  • Creating A Powerful Persona
  • Maximize Networking  Opportunities During  Expos & Events 

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